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Oil Spills Are More Common Than We Realize


Climate change and oil spills have something in common.  They do not get enough media attention in North America.

While the bitumen spill in Arkansas got its 15 minutes of fame, the reality is that oil and chemical spills are much more common than we realize.  In fact, from March 11th to April 9th of this year, there were 13 significant spills, releasing more that 1,000,000 gallons  (4,000,000 litres) of toxic chemicals.  Take a look.



Just one more reason to transition towards renewable energy sources as quickly as possible.  After all…



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  1. 2013/04/19 12:07 pm

    45% of oil spilled in North and South America is from tar sands and bitumen! That is disgusting, as is 13 spills in 30 days. I love the final quote you have there, hah… A nice sunny day indeed.

    • 2013/04/20 9:51 am

      And if a wind turbine breaks, the worst you get is a dent in the ground or a splash of water!

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