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Brigadier General (Ret.) On the Keystone XL Pipeline


Let’s be honest.  The Keystone XL pipeline has made a lot of enemies.  Home owners all along the pipeline’s route have had their land taken from them through the use of “eminent domain” laws.  The pipeline will cross important aquifers necessary for everything from drinking water to crop irrigation.  Scientists and environmental activists have repeated that the pipeline means “Game Over” for our climate due do the amount of carbon in the Alberta Tar Sands.

And you can now add to the list retired Brigadier General Steven M. Anderson.

US Army Brigadier General (Ret.) Steven M. Anderson

US Army Brigadier General (Ret.) Steven M. Anderson

Despite being a Republican (and having voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential elections), General Anderson is strongly opposed to the pipeline.  He sees it as a threat to our climate, a treat to American national security and a threat to the development of a sustainable green economy.

I want to stop paying big oil and I want to start seeing a green economy in this nation.  And big oil is pushing Keystone, and Keystone is essentially going to maintain the status quo for another 25 years. And during that time I can only imagine the impact it’s going to have on our environment and, indeed, our national security.

In fact, he thinks all Americans should be opposed to the pipeline.

All Americans should be outraged about the potential implications for our national security because the pipeline keeps us hopelessly addicted to oil.

The General’s interview with the Huffington Post’s Alicia Menendez is worth watching (I can’t embed it!  Sorry.)

And if you have about 20 minutes to spare, you can watch the entire segment from which that interview was taken.  The segment is a conversation between host Alicia Mendez, General Anderson, Jane Kleeb, the director of Bold Nebraska, farmer Julia Trigg Crawford, and farmer Gabe Cordova.  The different perspectives paint an interesting picture of the impacts this pipeline has had on people throughout the US.

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