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It’s Global Warming, STUPID


As the death toll continues to rise, along with the economic damages (sitting at around $50 billion dollars), some US news outlets are (FINALLY!!!) talking about the link between the warming of our planet and megastorm Sandy.  However, I think Bloomberg Businessweek said it best:

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  1. Laura permalink
    2012/11/04 7:30 pm

    It sure looks like weather on steroids. Hard to believe there is still a faction that could argue no connection exists.

    • 2012/11/05 5:04 am

      “It’s just normal variations in the weather”. Yeah right!

      • Laura permalink
        2012/11/05 8:27 am

        This would be one hell of a variation. I wonder what it would take to constitute an “abnormal” variation? This appears to be fairly irrefutable.

        Perhaps this is a case where, for people who are willing to accept the evidence, no further explanation is needed; for those who are unwilling to accept the evidence, no further explanation will ever be sufficient.

        Cause this is pretty messy evidence…

      • 2012/11/07 6:32 am

        Like you said, some people simply cannot be convinced!

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