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I was going to write a post about this, but Christine at did such a wonderful job that I’d like to share her post with you. Here goes.

350 or bust

What Stephen Harper has proven in his six year tenure as Prime Minister of Canada, particularly during his 18 months leading a majority government in the House of Commons, is that Canadian democracy is not as healthy as Canadians have assumed. In fact, it is clear that our democracy is only as healthy and vibrant as the Prime Minister of Canada allows it to be. And Stephen Harper, who exerts absolute control over his group of whipped-to-submission MPs, has taken our democracy by the neck and is strangling the life out of it in front of our eyes. The China-Canada Investment Treaty (FIPA), signed by Prime Minister Harper in Russia (!) last month, is set to be made into law next week, yet there has been no debate in the House of Commons, no public consultation, and almost no media coverage.  Like a criminal,  this Prime Minister prefers to conduct…

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