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Here is a simple way of looking at how nuts our energy policy is. And I would add that we also kill millions of people each year with air pollution from the burning of “200 million-year-old sunlight”. (Thanks Christine)

350 or bust

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  1. 2012/10/20 10:40 am

    … and I would add that we also feed billions of people by the (mis)application of “200 million-year-old sunlight”… with no thought of how those people (probably including me) are going to eat when the oil runs out…

  2. Netspiker permalink
    2012/10/28 1:08 am

    Think out of box, please. There are enough of fossil fuels for all human for next thousand years. However, if we Americans adapt the drip irrigation assisted reforestation to cover the side belt barefaced lands along our highway network, we can easily sequester about 600 million metric tons of carbon from air a year. As estimated, all of automombiles running in USA emit about 100 million metric tons of carbon. If covering the tornado alley area with forests, we can eliminate or reduce the severe tornado damages to that area and sequester all of carbon emission by all fossil power plants generating electricity in entire nation. The well managed and irrigated reforestation is the most cost effective and efficiant of means to sequester carbon dioxide from the air.

    • 2012/10/28 5:18 am

      Assuming that your numbers are correct and that we have enough fossil fuels for the next thousand years, we still don’t have any technology that will sequester enough carbon dioxide to stop our climate from overheating. And even if we ignore climate change for a minute, do you realize how dangerous fossil fuels are to the well being of both humans and our planet?
      Every year, more than 1.3 million people die from air pollution related to the burning of fossil fuels. Offshore oil spills are destroying marine ecosystems. Pipeline leaks and hydraulic fracturing are putting our groundwater at risk.
      Planting some trees along the highway is a band-aid that ignore the root cause of our problem: burning fossil fuels.

      • 2012/11/08 5:34 pm

        Netspikers numbers aren’t correct. We don’t have enough fossil fuels for the next thousand years — nor even the next fifty. Anyone who doubts that simply does not grok exponential growth.

        Anyone who would like to grok exponential growth could do worse than taking an hour* out to watch Arithmetic, population and energy by Dr Albert Bartlett.

        * ideally, one hour a week, until the message sinks in.

  3. Netspiker permalink
    2012/10/28 1:22 am

    Our EPA policies and regulations have a lot of negative impact on American economy, which is weakening and declining and in return handcaps Americans’ capability to really improve and c leanup our environments. Look around the world, the poor countries have the poor environments.

    • Netspiker permalink
      2012/10/28 1:38 am

      USA EPA has done a great job in the previous decade for clean air and water, but recently trivialized and centralized its policies and regulations to the counterproductive level.

      • 2012/10/28 5:29 am

        Can you please give an example of such a counter productive piece of regulation?
        And, by the way, the EPA hasn’t changed much since 2008 when your economy was doing great (before the recession). Economies like yours and mine are struggling because of rediculous austerity measures and because the middle (and lower) class has no money to spend. When you know your middle class is struggling, the last thing you want to do is slash good-paying, middle class, government jobs. Are governments bloated? Yes. But you don’t attack that problem when you are in a recession.

    • 2012/10/28 5:24 am

      That is bulsh#t. Other countries have tighter environmental regulations and their economy is fine. Who do you expect to “clean up the environment”? The “free-market”? Corporations? No, the only thing that stops factories from destroying our land, water and air is regulations and the fines that go with ignoring those regulations.
      And the reason poor countries have poor environments is because industry moves their factories to “poor countries” that do not have environmental regulations.
      If Americans gut the EPA, their country will end up looking like China: a polluter’s paradise.

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