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Campaign to Protect The Arctic From Oil and Gas Drilling


Greenpeace has a campaign going to protect the Arctic from oil and gas drilling by the company Shell.  You can call Customer service and tell them that you would like to formally complain about drilling in the Arctic. Here is the number if you are in Canada: 1-800-661-1600.  If you are outside of Canada (which I believe most readers of this blog are), follow this link to find a phone number for your area.

And (or), you can send an e-mail to Shell in Alaska (  If you want, you can use this text that I wrote.  Just replace my name with yours.

To whom it may concern,

My name is (Mr.) Jocelyn Plourde.  I am writing this message to make a formal complaint regarding your plans to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean.

I oppose this project for two major reasons.  First, despite any claims you may make, I do not believe that you (or any other oil and gas company) can safely drill in the Arctic.  The BP oil spill of 2010 happened in the Gulf of Mexico, where there are countless other companies drilling and where there are a multitude of ships where to take action and where there is no ice.  And still, that spill took three months to get under control.  And during those three months, only a small fraction of the oil spilled was actually cleaned up.

Now you intend to drill in the Arctic – one of the most isolated and inhospitable areas on the planet.  How can you possibly expect the public to believe that this is safe?

Second, I oppose your drilling in the Arctic because it will lead to the combustion of more fossil fuels, which will increase the warming of our planet.  You have access to the Arctic because our emissions of carbon dioxide have caused the warming of our planet, which has caused the melting of the Arctic ice sheet.  And you want to use that access to extract more fossil fuels, which will lead to more emissions, which will warm the planet further and melt the Arctic further.  Your website talks about “Protecting biodiversity”, and “the Arctic’s fragile ecosystem”.  However, your removing fossil fuels from the ground will only lead to the damage of that ecosystem by raising the planet’s temperature and melting the ice on which that ecosystem rests.

Your continued search for new sources of fossil fuels is putting our planet at risk.  And I wish that the people who run your company could see that.


Jocelyn Plourde

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  1. Martin Lack permalink
    2012/07/21 11:48 am

    Thanks for prompting me to read my email and do the same.

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