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What a Wonderful World


All of us know the importance of strong environmental protection and the necessity of climate change policies.  But, sometimes, we need a little reminder of what it is we are fighting for.  Hopefully, this short video (after the image) will give you a bit of motivation, or in the least, brighten your day. (Merci p’pa!)

And if you would like to watch a (much) longer video about the beauty of planet , I recommend BBC’s Plant Earth documentary.  Five DVDs of nature!

Cover of the DVD pack for the "Planet Earth" documentary.

Cover of the DVD pack for the “Planet Earth” documentary.

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  1. 2012/06/24 12:39 pm

    In fact, just last month I had bought this 5 cd set…have watched the first 2 and it’s amazing. Wanted to watch it with my daughter. I also got a 5 cd set of “Planets” and needless to say…watching them gives a perspective of sorts!

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