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Global Subsidies FAIL



For every dollar that renewable energy industry receives in subsidies, the fossil fuel industry gets 6.  Does that make any sense to you?  If so, you are reading the wrong blog!  If not, I invite you to add your name to the petition that environmental group has begun, calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies.  According to the team, “New research shows that getting rid of fossil fuel subsidies would lead to massive reductions in the emissions that are super-heating our planet — and could help level the economic playing field and trigger a clean energy revolution around the world.

The people at are realistic about the fact that this petition will not, by itself, bring about the end of fossil fuel subsidies.  However, they are hoping that the one million signatures that they are aiming for will act as a strong message to the leaders of the G20 who will be meeting in a few weeks’ time for the upcoming global summits.

So, if you agree that we need to end fossil fuel subsidies, add your name to the list.  And then, do what you can to get friends and family to do the same.


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  1. 2012/06/13 8:41 pm

    Now that I’m back in the loop and not just existing in a weird vacuum of uni/work/home, I’ll get onto this! Thanks for sharing. Do you mind if I thieve this info for an upcoming post?


    • 2012/06/14 4:39 am

      Don’t feel too bad – I’ve been “out of the loop” as well!
      As for thieving: absolutely!

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