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Ted Talk: Religion and Babies


(Thanks Trish!)

Below is an interesting Ted Talk where Hans Rosling, Swedish professor of global health, analyzes the possible link between religion and the number of babies born per woman.

Although this subject is not directly environmental in nature, its implications on environmental issues is very important.  The more people there are on the planet, the more energy must be provided,  the more food must be grown, the more waste must be managed and the more resources must be extracted to make the products they buy.

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  1. Martin Lack permalink
    2012/05/31 11:43 am

    Is the Pope Catholic?

    Because ecological carrying capacity cannot be exceeded (even temporarily) without causing adverse environmental consequences, bringing perpetual population growth under control is absolutely an environmental issue. Furthermore, all our environmental problems – most obvious among them being anthropogenic climate disruption – are limits to growth phenomena: That is to say, they are all evidence that the Earth’s ecological carrying capacity with respect to Homo sapiens has already been exceeded; and the longer this remains the case and/or the further we go beyond that capacity, the worse the environmental consequences; and the greater the permanent reduction in that capacity will be.,ecological_scarcity.html

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