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Reporting on Weather and Climate Change


The video below is an example of the kind of reporting about weather that needs to be done more.  Too often we  hear stories about “record droughts” or “record heat waves” or “record floods” or “record mild winters” without the mention of climate change.

I make the “extreme weather-climate change” connection because I spend a fair amount of time reading about climate change and environmental issues.  Hopefully you folks make the connection because you read this blog and the countless others that talk about the link between extreme weather and climate change.

But the average person doesn’t necessarily read those blogs.  He or she listens to and reads “the news” in order to get his or her information about the world.  And that is not a bad thing.  But “the news” needs to do a better job of making that “extreme weather-climate change” link or else the average person won’t make the link either.  And if they don’t make that connection, they don’t care about climate change.  They don’t make changes in their lifestyles.  And most importantly, they don’t put pressure on their elected officials to address climate change.

Climate change is “the greatest to global security” (according to the UN).  It is “the greatest threat to public health” (according to medical and military professionals).  It is “the single greatest threat to civilization” (according to NASA climatologist James Hansen*).  That is why it needs to be on the news.

(For some reason I can’t embed the video player.  But, if you click on the link below, you’ll get to the video.  Sorry!)


* In his actual quote, James Hansen said “Global warming is the single greatest threat to civilization.”  I thought I should I point that out.  Don’t want you folks to think I’m purposefully miss-quoting people : )

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