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Elizabeth May and The Northern Gateway Pipeline


Here is a short video of MP Elizabeth May (also leader of the Green Party) presenting a petition in Parliament last week.  In less than a minute, she makes three excellent points regarding the Northern Gateway pipeline debate.

Source: The Harbinger

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  1. Martin Lack permalink
    2012/02/06 8:29 am

    JP, I am very grateful for your taking the time to find and post this.

    Elizabeth is absolutely brilliant! Brevity, par excellence! A skill I am trying to learn too: Climate science in a nut fragment (6 Feb 2012)!

  2. 2012/02/06 6:58 pm

    That was an excellent summary. Quite brief when considering the quantity of information involved. And an interesting discussion afterwards!

    I was always curious about the “lag” between CO2 and temperature. If I understand correctly, increased temperature causes a release in CO2 from oceans (due to lower solubility at higher temperatures). And vice-versa. Is that correct?

    • Martin Lack permalink
      2012/02/06 7:36 pm

      High JP – Yes, that is correct.

      John Kosowski rightly (for once) identified that in striving for brevity I had lost out on clarity. This is not surprising when you consider that I started with 5 x 1000 word posts. However, as discussed in more detail in <a href=" science in a nutshell – Part 1, which poses the question, “how many [people] are aware that water at 30 Celsius can only hold half as much dissolved CO2 as it can at 10 Celsius? “ As I keep saying palaeoclimatology (not modelling) is the key to understanding and predicting climate disruption.

      I think I am getting somewhere with him but, boy, has it been hard. I want to talk about politics and he wants to talk about science. However, at long last, I think he has got that particular message…

      • Martin Lack permalink
        2012/02/06 7:37 pm

        Just “Hi” would probably been better!!! 🙂

      • 2012/02/07 6:23 am

        I learn something new every day! I knew that gases were less soluble at higher temperatures, but those numbers are huge.
        Thanks for the science lesson : )

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