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We Have Ethan Hawke!!!


We have a new ally in the fight against oil drilling in the Gulf of St-Lawrence: Ethan Hawke.  Yeah, that Ethan Hawke.

Ethan Hawke.  Photo: Chris Young/THE CANADIAN PRESS.

Ethan Hawke. Photo: Chris Young/THE CANADIAN PRESS.

It turns out the Training Day star has had a home in Nova Scotia for some time now, having been drawn to the area by the “pristine wilderness”.  And it looks like he wants that pristine wilderness to stay as is.  While being interviewed for the CBC’s The Current, Mr. Hawke asked our country’s energy industry to reconsider drilling at the Old Harry site, near the south-western coast of Newfoundland.

“We need to understand that we are putting [the Gulf of St-Lawrence] at risk,” Hawke said. “Whether there’s an accident or not, I can tell you even before the BP spill, the Maritimes does not want their ocean to look like Galveston, Texas.”

Whether or not you like the idea of celebrities putting their star power behind an environmental cause, you have to admit that is is pretty cool!  And, when you are fighting a determined oil and gas industry, which is very much supported by our current Federal Government, you need all the help you can get.

So thank you Mr. Hawke.  And thank you for Gattaca.  That was a really good movie.

By the way, if you oppose offshore drilling in the Gulf of St-Lawrence, please visit the St-Lawrence Coalition’s website.  You can add your name to an online petition (already +3300 people have signed) against oil and gas drilling in the Gulf.  The Coalition is made up of dozens of groups, from fisherman and tourism associations, to environmental groups.

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