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Where Will Santa Live?


The David Suzuki Foundation has begun an amusingly-themed fundraising campaigned called “Where Will Santa Live?”  As you can imagine, the premise is that, because of climate change, the North Pole is melting and Santa’s home and workshop are sinking.  So why not buy a neoprene Santa Suit to help Santa stay dry, or a set of Reindeer Water Wings to help Santa’s Reindeer float around?

Screen shot of the "Where Will Santa Live?" website.

Screen shot of the "Where Will Santa Live?" website.

According to the fundraising site, “You won’t actually receive a North Pole Snow Globe, or any of the other items on this page. You are purchasing what people call a ‘symbolic gift’ as a means of donating money to support the work of David Suzuki Foundation.”  And for those who are not aware, the David Suzuki Foundation works tirelessly to put Canada on a path to clean and renewable energy, affect climate change policy nationally and provincially, while also working to educate Canadians about how they can live a “greener” life.  That makes the purchase of any of these “gifts” a very good cause as well as a positive action in the fight against climate change.

Please, take a look at the “Where Will Santa Live?” website by clicking here.

P.S.: If anyone out there isn’t sure what I want for Christmas, I would love one of those “Elf Hockey Sticks” : )

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