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Wind Power in China


One of the arguments that used is by countries that do not want to make international agreements regarding carbon emissions is that developing countries, such as China, are not willing to get on board.  (I can just hear one of my students using a whiny voice and saying “If he doesn’t have to, why should I?”)

Of course, you could easily turn around and argue that developed countries have been putting out CO2 for a much longer time than developing countries.  That means that they (we) have a greater responsibility and need to act no matter what developing countries do.  You could also argue that  China uses their massive amounts of energy, in part, to make the crap we buy.  But, that’s just not going to fly when, apparently, China is opening a new coal-fired plant every week (I forget where I got that number from…).



But, for all the coal, oil and “nukular” power that China is producing, they aren’t shying away from renewables either.  They are the current world leader in wind energy production, having put out 41 GW of the stuff in 2010.   (As a comparison, Canada produced 4 GW that same year.)

And it gets better.  A new study by the National Development and Reform Commission says that China’s wind energy production could grow to 1000 GW (!) by 2050.  If those numbers are reached, it will lead to a reduction in China’s carbon emissions of 1.5 gigatonnes (billion tonnes) a year, or “roughly equivalent to the combined carbon dioxide emissions of Germany, France and Italy in 2009”.

Now that’s a lot of carbon!


Source: World Environment News

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  1. 2011/11/03 8:00 am

    That stat of 1.5 gigatonnes is impressive! Let’s hope it all comes together

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