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My Hat Is Off To Denmark and Nova Scotia


As Canada and the USA continue to increase their addiction to fossil fuels and in turn ignore their responsibilities to reduce their (our) carbon emissions, other countries are taking steps in the right direction.  The latest example is Denmark who’s newly elected government has set a target to reduce that country’s carbon emissions by 40% (from 1990 levels) and produce half of it’s energy using renewable sources by 2020.

But in Canada, not all the news is bad.  Recently, Nova Scotia has announced that it aims to produce 40% of its energy using renewable sources by 2020.  Considering that the province currently produces 90% of its power from coal means that it this transition will have a very positive impact on the provinces environment and carbon emissions.

That’s the kind of news I like to read!

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  1. 2011/10/12 2:36 pm

    Good news from Nova Scotia. Thanks for the update.

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