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Research Into Adaptation To Climate Change In Atlantic Canada


Canada is facing a tough road ahead when it comes to climate change.  Our emissions targets have dropped by 90% (from 280 million tonnes to 28 million tonnes!!!), no emissions strategy seems to actually exist and our Federal Government’s energy policy is the Canadian equivalent to “Drill Baby, Drill!”.  But, climate change is still happening and coastal areas, such as the Atlantic Provinces are already “feeling the heat” (pardon the pun).

Unfortunately, funding for climate research has been among the items slashed by our Government (yes, I know: that makes sooooo much sense).  Luckily, one of the last major sources of funds made available before the cuts is being used for a large project that will study how Atlantic Communities can adapt to climate change.  This project, which involves the university where I am currently working on my Master’s degree, will be studying ten coastal communities in New Brunswick, PEI and Québec.  If you are interested, you can read the press release here: Press Release.

As a personal, there is a possibility of me being involved with this project as part of my thesis in two years time.  It will depend on whether I want to focus on climate change, sustainability, or something else entirely!

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