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Congratulations To Josh Fox


Josh Fox has won an Emmy for his “Outstanding Direction for Nonfiction Programming” of the documentary Gasland.  The documentary follows Mr. Fox throughout the USA as he tries to uncover the risks involved in hydraulic fracturing (or fracking).  Mr. Fox used his time behind the microphone at the award ceremony to make the following statement: “President Obama, I hope you are paying attention.  We cannot allow America to turn into a gas field.”  I hope Canada’s Stephen Harper and environment minister Kent were also paying attention.

This award will hopefully help bring more attention to the movie as well as the issue of fracking at a time when natural gas projects are popping up throughout North America.  This is despite the many doubts about the technique which include the risk of contamination of water tables by chemicals and natural gas.  There have also been studies that show that the process of fracking and associated extraction release large quantities of methane (natural gas) into the atmosphere.  Methane is a very powerful greenhouse gas – 25 times worse than carbon dioxide.  This would put natural gas’ carbon footprint about even with coal’s… which is not good.

France has banned hydraulic fracturing within it’s borders.  And public outcry against the techniques is happening in many countries throughout the world.  For example, I follow a blogger in Australia that recently participated in a large march against fracking.  In Canada’s province of New Brunswick, the public has demonstrated it’s disapproval of fracking while the government continues to encourage natural gas development.

The following clip is from the movie Gasland.



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  1. Daniel Plourde permalink
    2011/09/22 10:18 pm

    Merci Joce, and for those who have not taken the time to view this clip, please do so. It is really well done and frankly a bit scary. The good news, in the Ottawa Citizen this morning the federal government announced that it is is launching two separate reviews on the science and use of hydraulic fracturing by the energy industry in Canada and its impact on the environment.

    Read more:

    So I guess that not all is lost after all, but time will tell us for sure….

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