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Making Sustainability A Part of Everything


A friend of mind recently made the comment that I consider the environment when it comes to everything.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t saying it as a compliment, and for that, I was insulted.  But, thinking back on it now, I’m glad he noticed!

In the past few years, I have gradually changed the way I look at… well… pretty much everything.  I cringe when I put something in the garbage can.  I switch off lights in every empty room I come across – at home, at the gym, in public washrooms.  I’ve stopped playing golf because I know what goes into keeping those courses so green.  And the list goes on.

But, sometimes, I get the feeling that my focus on the environment makes me… weird.  Like I don’t fit in with so many people around me.  That’s not the case at all, but still…

However, tonight, I don’t feel so weird because I read a very interesting blog entry by an American named Karl Tear.  Mr. Tear is studying abroad and the entry he wrote is about how sustainability is “deeply ingrained” in the European culture.

Please, take a look at Mr. Tear’s blog entry by clicking here.

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  1. 2011/09/11 3:59 am

    Mahalo for the link to Tears site. There are many of us in various places around the planet with grave concerns, me I’m in Hawaii most of the time and fortunately the state is starting to take action (not much but) on sustainability. We are on an island for gosh sakes! I’ll be back to spend more time reading. Again – mahalo, Dohn.

    • 2011/09/11 6:00 am

      ‘a’ole pilikia (I hope that means “you’re welcome”!!).
      I live in (on) Prince Edward Island in Canada. And so, our situations are similar. We do some things very well here. For example, we have an excellent recycling, composting and waste system. However, there is much room for improvement.

  2. 2011/09/11 5:40 pm

    Kudos for joining the Green Movement. If everyone made small changes in attitude and actions we can all live in a Green World

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