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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold


Today, I watched the documentary The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, the latest film by Morgan Spurlock (Super-Size Me).  The goal of the movie is to look inside the business of advertisement, especially “product placement” which is when a company pays to have its product appear in a movie, tv show or music video.  Spurlock convinces different companies (including Mini and POM) to pay for the entire production in return for product placement in the movie. 

Poster of The Greatest Movie Every Sold.  Photo:

Poster of The Greatest Movie Every Sold. Photo:

The reason I am talking about this on my “environment-y” blog is because consumption, the goal of advertisements, is one of the causes of the environmental problems we are currently facing.  You’ve probably heard (or read) this stat before, but, if everyone on this planet consumed at the rate of North Americans, we would need three to five planets worth of natural resources (Story Of Stuff).  Talk about something that is not sustainable.

Now, it’s not just a problem with consumption.  It’s also a problem with how we manufacture the products that are consumed.  If every product that you bought was designed in such a way that it’s components could be (and were) recycled or reused, we would reduce the need for mining (to get the raw materials needed) and landfills (to put all the waste).  The idea of “waste”, in this day and age, should simply not exist.  Also, if the products we buy were manufactured close to where they were purchased, the energy needed to bring you these products would be greatly reduced.  (Related plug: If you are interested in the idea of sustainable manufacturing, may I suggest you read the book Cradle to Cradle, by McDonough and Braungart.)

One last thing: The movie also looks at how schools in the US have started putting up advertisements inside their buses, on school property and inside their classrooms in order to make ends meet.  As a teacher myself, I find it very sad that American schools are so underfunded that they have to do this in order to not cut programs.

Anywho, here is preview of The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.  It’s now out on video and iTunes.


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