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How Plastic Bags Are Recycled


I just want to share with you a video I’ve just found on the website  The video takes you through the steps of recycling plastic bags in “the world’s largest plastic bag recycling facility”.  And, if you watch until the end, Youtube “suggests” other videos of different recycling processes (such as recycling glass).

But, don’t forget: Reduce, THEN Reuse, THEN recycle.

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  1. Daniel Plourde permalink
    2011/08/22 10:35 pm

    Interesting video Joce, I did not know and was wandering how plastic bags were being recycled. Now I understand the process and the many efforts that goes into recycling such products. I understand why also the city of Ottawa will recycle a lots of stuff but not plastic bags that ends up, yes again, in the dump. The reasons why we now bring our own bags for shopping! Merci Joce!

    • 2011/08/23 4:51 am

      They still don’t recycle them… That’s very disappointing. Do store charge for the use of plastic bags? They tried that here (at a grocery store) and people complained so much that the bags are still free. But, you are seeing more and more people using reusable bags.

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