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Why Electric Cars Rock!


The video below is by a group called Fully Charged.  The first couple of minutes talk about Top Gear (who seem to go out of their way to make battery powered cars look bad), hydrogen fuel cells and a few other related points.  However, starting at about 2:25, you will see the argument FOR electric cars made so convincingly that you’ll start shopping for one before the video ends!  Take a look. (Warning: The volume at the beginning is a little loud.)

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  1. 2011/08/10 12:08 am

    Eh, Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson is a jerk. If he says it’s bad, it’s probably good!

    Have you seen ‘Who Killed the Electric Car?

    • 2011/08/10 5:38 am

      Yes, I did. It makes you wonder where the battery technology would be had they not “killed the electric car”.
      And, there’s a new movie out called “Revenge of The Electric Car”. (Preview on Youtube: I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it looks good.

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