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Attacking The Tar Sands’ Lifeline


The Canadian Federal Government hopes to double the output of oil from the Alberta Tar Sands over the next few years.  In order for that to happen, pipelines have to be constructed in order to send the bitumen to potential costumers.  You stop the pipelines, you stop the expansion of the Tar Sands.  At least, that is the hope of many opponents of the controversial oil project.

Keystone Pipeline

Keystone Pipeline. Photo: Yale Environment 360 (

One of those pipelines is the Keystone XL, a proposed pipeline that would go from the Tar Sands to the Gulf of Mexico (click on the image to enlarge).  Because of it’s nature, the pipeline has to be approved by the USA State Department.  That is why a series of acts of civil disobedience in Washington, D.C., are planned for the last two weeks of August to protest against the pipeline and the Tar Sands.  The campaign, called Tar Sands Action, includes environmental activist Bill McKibben, NASA climate scientist James Hansen and scientist and activist David Suzuki.

  • For more information on why the Alberta Tar Sands is called “dirty oil”, click here to read a report done by the CBC.

Source: Yale Environment 360

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